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In search of my way - Freedom

In search of my way…

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My first education was as a pharmacy assistant and at the end of my apprenticeship  I decided to work as an itinerant in the pharmacy group where I did my apprenticeship. For 10 years, I covered for all my colleagues in pharmacies in Lausanne area, in Switzerland, a period during which I learned a lot in the field of health as well as in sales, but it was also a period during which I searched for myself professionally because I always felt in my heart that my place was elsewhere, but not in a pharmacy. 

So during these 10 years, I searched for my way thinking that it was with human beings by practicing medical or holistic care, but over the years and thanks to my experiences and encounters, I understood that my way was not in the medical field. 

Once, I understood this I started looking for the one that would bring me joy and in which I would feel at home. Contrary to what I thought, I found it through my travels. 

My travels – a true source of inspiration

The trips I’ve made so far have all been a real source of inspiration thanks to the landscapes I discovered and also thanks to all of the people I met. 

During my first solo trip to Australia and South East Asia which lasted 5 months between 2012 and 2013 I discovered the world of diving in Thailand on Koh Tao island, and it became a real passion. With diving, I became not only a lover of the marine world, but it also made me want to protect this ecosystem.

Each time I left, I took my camera (and I still take it with me) to photograph the landscapes and the animals that I discovered on my way, and by dint of taking pictures during my travels I understood that what filled me with joy and amazed me the most was the Planet Earth. 

Thus, this is thanks to photography and my travels that I finally understood that my work was going to be in connection with the Earth, and that the field of the environment was destined to me without knowing what I was going to do concretely, at that time.

A travel blog to raise awareness 

The need to write came to me (again) because I felt the need to illustrate my photos via articles to relate my discoveries, my thoughts as well as my questioning in relation to what I discovered during my travels. Thus, this is in 2018 that my travel blog was born, under another name. 

With my photos and my writings, my goal is to make people aware of the beauty of the Earth and make them want to protect it in turn, and my work of awareness was just the beginning because I had another project in mind that would complement this photographic work I was already doing.

Koh Tao in Thailand

In March 2020, I went to Thailand, to Koh Tao to do my Divemaster diploma, it was the project I wanted to realise since 2013 which is the year I discovered diving. 

So I flew to Thailand at the beginning of March 2020 despite the world context at that time and I stayed 5 months in Koh Tao. Beside my Divemaster training, I had time to think about what I wanted to do professionally and how I wanted to integrate my diving activity, photography and travel blog in a unique project. 

Koh Tao with its amazing energy is an island where I always had a lot of inspiration and where ideas came to me, it is especially an island where I feel like home. So it is there naturally that many ideas came to me for my future project and that I felt the need to raise my travel blog by changing its name and concept. 

This is in Thailand, on Koh Tao that everything started for The Origins Earth. 

A new start with The Origins Earth

When I came back to Switzerland in July 2020 after obtaining my Divemaster diploma, I went back to work in pharmacies, and next to my job in pharmacies I started to concretely set up The Origins Earth which officially started in May 2022. 

An ambitious project with which I will finally be able to be in my favorite field and share my passions which are photography, diving, and biology through The Origins Earth, a media and creative agency entirely dedicated to the environment, ecology and responsible tourism with the aim of raising awareness of environmental protection and biodiversity in a positive and objective way.

Life has given me many experiences during these last 10 years some were failures that allowed me to bounce back because they confirmed that I was not in the right professional field, and others were successes such as my Divemaster diploma confirming that I was heading in the right direction or my travels that showed me the path to take. 

This is a new beginning for me because I feel like I’m finally completely in my place after having searched for it all these years. 

Dare to trust yourself 

I believe that when you feel something very strong inside of you, you have to dare to trust yourself and move forward and that’s what I did. I never gave up because I always felt from the beginning of my work in pharmacy that my place was not in this field so I learned to trust myself and listen to my intuition and let it guide me. 

Each of my trips was meticulously chosen thanks to my intuition. Indeed, I would go to a specific place because I felt that my intuition was telling me to go there to experience something essential to my own evolution and to the quest for my path. This is why my travels have inspired me a lot and allowed me to find my path.

In this month of August 2022, I leave the medical world and pharmacy with a lot of joy and thanks to Life after having worked more than 10 years in this field. I am closing a chapter of my life to open a new one to finally fully realise the mission for which I came on Earth through The Origins Earth.

Dare to trust yourself and listen to your intuition to make the necessary changes in your life.


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