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Choosing an eco-responsible hotel

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Choosing an eco-responsible hotel


When we travel, we all have to choose a hotel to stay in, and nowadays we have a wide choice of hotels, from the complex to the smallest, from the luxurious to the simple. There is something for every budget and taste, and the eco-responsible hotels are not left out. Indeed, in this range of eco-responsible hotels, we find luxury hotels as well as simple hotels, large or small. Choosing an eco-responsible hotel means choosing a new style of tourism and in this article we explain the criteria to take into account when choosing a hotel.

Responsible tourism is developing rapidly with hotels that respect the environment, activities related to nature, other ways to travel or to consume locally. Responsible tourism puts a point of honor to the protection of the environment through the work of different tourism professionals, whether they are hoteliers, guides or craftsmen who work for a greener tourism.

As far as hotels are concerned, it is often difficult to know what qualifies a hotel as eco-responsible. That is why we have drawn up a non-exhaustive list of criteria to take into account when choosing a hotel:


Here they are:

Staying in a hotel of this kind is to be in total immersion with nature because these hotels are mainly located, for example, either in a jungle, or in the middle of rice fields, or on the banks of a river. Moreover, they can propose activities allowing their guests to discover the environment that surrounds them and how it works thanks to local guides leading them to (re)discover the cycle of life that can incite them to act for the protection of the environment and to reconnect with nature which is the essence of us all.

These hotels are the gateway to responsible tourism because it is through them that people discover another way to stay and travel. These hotels are examples because they show travellers that it is possible to stay in another kind of hotel without degrading the environment as mass tourism has done until now by having built hotel complexes all over the world and mainly on fragile coastlines creating an imbalance in the ecosystem.

These sustainable hotels are inspiring because they show that it is possible to build homes using natural materials that do not degrade the environment because they can be recycled. Through an organic garden, they show that it is possible to grow fresh, local produce without buying imported produce. By setting up a waste water and waste recycling system, they show that circular recycling can be done and allow to generate electrical energy from waste, for example.

In fact, these hotels are part of this new tourism that is the responsible tourism whose emphasis is put on the protection of the environment in order to reconnect people to the essential which is the nature by inciting them to travel in an eco-responsible way, to consume near the locals and to live unique experiences in connection with the nature while respecting it.

That’s why choosing an eco-responsible hotel shows us that we can travel in another way while respecting the environment that surrounds us.

Are you going to choose a sustainable hotel for your next holidays or travel?



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