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Symptothermy is a natural method that allows you to learn how your female cycle and your body work in order to determine when you are fertile and when you are not, either for contraception or for conception.


Symptothermy is a learning process that takes place in several stages and with the help of a symptothermy consultant before you can be autonomous. Contrary to taking a contraceptive, which simply acts chemically, this method requires you to work on yourself in order to understand how your womb functions. To do this, you need to make many observations on a physical and emotional level. These observations are essential because they will allow us to determine the exact day of ovulation, which is the goal of symptothermy. Why know the day of ovulation?  Because it is this day that will allow you to know at what moment of the cycle you are or are not fertile.


I turned to this method, at the end of 2018, because I was no longer convinced, for several years, by chemical contraceptives that not only upset the body but can cause side effects which was my case. I wanted something natural and in line with my values and desires, and symptothermy spoke to me a lot, so I found Valentina Salonna who taught me her own method that goes further than symptothermy by helping me to go through the different learning stages. At the moment, I’ve not finished my sessions with Valentina, I still need to refine a few things but most of the work has been done. I assure you that it doesn’t take 4 years to finish this coaching, you can very well finish it in 1 year or in 2 years depending on your rhythm and your schedule.


The method starts with taking your body temperature to become familiar with your menstrual cycle. Once the interpretation of temperatures is mastered, we move on to the observation of other signs of our body that we will associate with temperatures to be more precise in the day of ovulation, and gradually we will abandon the taking of temperatures. This is why this method must be followed by a symptothermy consultant who will help us to master the different stages, to observe the signs of our body, and to understand how our menstrual cycle behaves, particularly with regard to positive or negative emotions that can disrupt our menstrual cycle. Thanks to symptothermy, we discover our menstrual cycle in another way that does not stop at estrogen and progesterone. Since I have been doing this method, I am less afraid of the disturbances of my menstrual cycle because I can determine if it will be disturbed or not according to the emotions I am experiencing. Moreover, I have learned to listen more attentively to my body, and thus to have more confidence in it, which has led to more confidence in myself.


One thing that is certain is that with symptothermy, you will feel more free and serene because you will be able to determine by yourself the day of ovulation, at each of your cycles. Whether for the purpose of conception or contraception, this method has its place, it is complete and totally natural.


Symptothermy is available to all women who wish to feel more free and more confident with themselves, and who want to live their sexuality to the fullest. It can be done alone or with a partner, and it can be started even if the woman is still taking the pill, the transition will be done with the symptothermy consultant.


I strongly believe in the future of this method because I do it myself and I am convinced that women want to get away from chemical contraceptives and return to something more natural. Over millions of years of evolution, nature has done a great job of making sure that women are fertile during a certain part of their cycle and not during the other part. So why not trust in nature and at the same time trust in yourself?




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