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My Divemaster certificate
Going to Thailand during the pandemic While I was on the beach, I was looking at the boats arriving one...
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Dive with me into my world
Dive with me into my world Diving BCD, ok ! Weight, ok ! Releases, ok ! Air, ok ! Final ok ! Come and...
At the time of lockdown, in Thailand
Discover how the lockdown has been lived in Thailand, on the little island of Koh Tao, where I was Who...

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Choose the life that resembles you, a life that makes you vibrate in which you blossom.

Through this section, we want to take you to discover another way of seeing life and to bring you inspiration.

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Stop with masks, a big planetary plague

Reading Time: 4 minutes Stop with masks, this big planetary plague A pollution far from people’s eyes but which is very real Approximately 500 billion surgical masks have been