I dared to jump into the unknown

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I dared to jump into the unknown

In this year 2022, I made the biggest leap I have ever made, which is to jump into the unknown at the professional level. Indeed, I left my job to move into two new professional fields in which I find The Origins Earth together. These are two worlds that inspire me with confidence, that allow me to feel alive.


The unknown can scare a lot of people, which is normal because you are faced with two choices. In 2022, the unknown came knocking at my door and I found myself faced with two choices: either to remain employed and continue to do a job in which I was not fulfilled or to decide to realise and live my dreams, which required me to move into the unknown. I made the second choice without hesitation.


I had already jumped into the unknown a 1st time, in 2012, by deciding to travel alone, I was scared but I trusted my intuition, and Life and I launched myself into this journey which was the beginning of everything including my future professional life. However, traveling alone or leaving a job is not the same thing because one is a leisure while the other is a source of income which changes a lot, but I had to make a choice because I had reached a point where I felt that I had no more place and that I had done the trick in my work. This was another hard step to take because it marked my official entry into my new professional life and, at the same time, the farewell to the old one I had known for more than 10 years. However, the experiences I have had and the encounters I have made throughout these 10 years, while traveling have allowed me to take this step with confidence.


To jump into the unknown is, in a way, to put oneself in the hands of the Universe and to trust in Life. I have always moved forward and made choices until now by trusting in Life and my intuition and when it was time to jump into the unknown for my professional future, I did it with confidence because I knew what I was going to find on the other side. Life and my intuition made me travel to help me reconnect with nature and animals, they put inspiring people on my path, they made me live experiences to help me refine the direction I need to go in, and then through my travels, I discovered another way of living that I really like. All this has been orchestrated during these 10 years with a precise goal: The Origins Earth through which I will be able to realise my life mission.


I have always said and I will continue to say it around me, in life you have to do something professionally that makes you vibrate inside. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how we manage to find our professional path, the goal is to be happy in what we do and if at some point it requires jumping into the unknown then we must dare to do it.


Dare to send your application to a company for a position for which you do not have the required degree, but for which you have enough experience to be taken on the same basis as someone who has a degree. Dare to choose a professional field that inspires you, that motivates you and in which you will find the work that will make you flourish. Dare to go back to school to study what makes you feel good inside.

Simply, dare to dream big and far to succeed in leaving this job that no longer suits you to jump into the unknown and trust in Life, it has so much to offer to each of us you just have to dare.


In 2022, I dared to leave my job and jump into the unknown to realise my dreams by including The Origins Earth which is the most beautiful gift that I can give especially to myself but also to the Earth and to Humanity!




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